Everything you need to know about a DAO

Everything you need to know about a DAO A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is software that lives on a blockchain. This is collectively owned and managed by its members. They have a fixed set of rules and regulations which are executed through code, in the form of

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Cyber Attacks

How to Mitigate Cyber Attacks through Penetration Testing

In 2020, cyber-attack was rated the fifth top-rated risk for organizations. What’s more, the cyber crime industry is becoming more sophisticated year by year. So, what is your cyber attack mitigation strategy? The best way is through penetration testing. Your business must have an extensive cyber security strategy such as

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Flash Loan Attacks

Why are Flash Loan attacks on the rise?

Flash loan attacks are on the rise in the DeFi space. Within a very short time frame, sometimes just seconds, you can run off with a serious amount of money. Let us have a look at what flash loan and a flash loan attacks are. The picture below tells in

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