How to Mitigate Cyber Attacks through Penetration Testing

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In 2020, cyber-attack was rated the fifth top-rated risk for organizations. What’s more, the cyber crime industry is becoming more sophisticated year by year. So, what is your cyber attack mitigation strategy? The best way is through penetration testing.

Your business must have an extensive cyber security strategy such as penetration testing to protect your data from hackers. Read on to find out more about what penetration testing is and how you can use it to mitigate cyber threats in your organization.

Why is Penetration Testing Important as a Cyber attack Mitigation Strategy?

Penetration testing is a computer program that simulates a cyber attack against a network or computer system. The test is designed to find any vulnerabilities on a computer or network system so your organization is better equipped at detecting and mitigating cyber threats and attacks.

You may think that your digital infrastructure is safe from hackers but there may be one weak spot that you’re unaware of. But with the help of penetration testing services the weak spots can be detected in your cyber security infrastructure so they can be fixed.

Penetration testing should be done regularly on:

  • Software
  • Computer applications
  • End-user behavior
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware
  • Networks

Types of Penetration Testing

There are five main types of penetration testing:

  • Web application penetration testing: This type of test will detect vulnerabilities in applications such as plug-ins, browsers and applets. Assessors will also look for faults in the app security protocols and if there are missing patches.
  • Network penetration testing: External and internal network testing includes IPS deception, DNS attacks and firewall configuration.
  • Social engineering penetration testing: This test is designed to detect how prone employees are to revealing confidential company information. Social engineering seeks to gain the trust of an employee by performing an action that exposes sensitive data.
  • Wireless penetration testing: Anyone within reach of your wireless connection can exploit the vulnerabilities within your network. This test is to see where these vulnerabilities are positioned.
  • Physical penetration testing: Some cyber attacks aren’t digital. Intruders can breach systems by logging into computers without a password. Plugging a USB into a computer is also a physical threat. This test seeks out how unauthorized personnel can breach your cyber security through physical means.

How to Mitigate Cyber Attacks After Penetration Testing

To mitigate cyber attacks you must perform penetration testing on all aspects of your digital infrastructure. Some organizations only choose to do one type of penetration testing, but it’s advised to perform all of them to fix cyber security weaknesses.

After these tests, you can find the best mitigation strategies for cyber attacks such as:

  • Training staff: Management will need to develop cyber security training for all staff members if there are certain employees who may expose company information through phishing.
  • Update software and systems: Invest in patch management to update your systems regularly as part of your cyber attack mitigation strategy.
  • Endpoint protection: This prevents staff from connecting to your company’s wireless network with personal devices. These devices can pose a risk to your organization’s system.
  • Regular backups: If you do experience a breach you must have a separate server to backup your data to prevent extensive downtime.
  • Controlled access: You must have controlled access to your organization’s computers. All systems must have a strong password that only authorized officials can use. This includes access to your building to prevent physical security breaches.


Final Thoughts

The best way to create a cyber attack mitigation strategy is to opt for penetration testing services from the experts at RD Auditors. You’re guaranteed extensive penetration testing on systems so you can strengthen your digital infrastructure against cyber criminals. Contact RD Auditors today to find out more about penetration testing services.

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