RD Auditors helps businesses with their Auditing, Cybersecurity and KYC needs
Auditing, Cybersecurity and KYC needs

Leading Audited Blockchain Projects


Leading edge security expertise to safeguard and protect your Blockchain projects

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Blockchain Audits

Auditing smart contracts can mitigate potential reputational and financial risks posed to all stakeholders and breed confidence in the project from a technical perspective

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Penetration Testing

Rigorous testing of various networks to uncover potential weaknesses and enact measures businesses must take to minimise the risk of their systems being exposed to hacks

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KYC Verification

Conducting KYC for team members of Blockchain projects is the new paradigm to improving and setting higher standards for industry practices concerning safety and trust

Tailored Approach to Security

Tailored Approach to Security


The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the analysis and findings of the smart contract audit. It will detail issues found with recommendations and or modifications made during this process.

We audit Smart, NFT, Staking and Farming contracts. We focus on Solidity and RUST coding language.

The KYC service is specifically focused on C-suite executives of blockchain businesses. The ultimate aim is to provide an extra layer of trust enabling decision makers to take the necessary steps to provide confidence to their stakeholders.
The time and audit fees depends on variables such as the type of contracts, complexities and available resources. We adhere to very high standards of security audits and would never take any shortcuts according to one´s tight timelines.

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