We audit Smart, NFT, Staking and Farming contracts. We focus on Solidity and RUST coding language.

Our Audit Process

We follow a conservative, transparent process for analyzing potential security vulnerabilities and seeing them through successful remediation. Whenever a potential issue is discovered, we immediately create an Issue entry for it in this document, even though we have not yet verified the feasibility and impact of the issue.

This process is conservative because we document our suspicions early even if they are later shown to not represent exploitable vulnerabilities. We generally follow a process of first documenting the suspicion with unresolved questions, then confirming the issue through code analysis, live experimentation, or automated tests. Code analysis is the most tentative, and we strive to provide test code, log captures, or screenshots demonstrating our confirmation.

After this we analyze the feasibility of an attack in a live system.

Recent Audit Reports


Language: Solidity

Blockchain: Ethereum

Status: Audited

Audit Date: July 25 2023

Glitter Finance – Bridge Node

Language: RUST

Blockchain: Algorand

Status: Audited

Audit Date: July 11 2023

Moonbase Alpha

Language: Solidity

Blockchain: Arbitrum

Status: Audited

Audit Date: June 7 2023

Optimism Bob

Language: Solidity

Blockchain: BSC

Status: Audited

Audit Date: June 5 2023

Hugo Inu

Language: Solidity

Blockchain: BSC

Status: Audited

Audit Date: June 2 2023


Language: Solidity

Blockchain: BSC

Status: Audited

Audit Date: May 23 2023


What our past clients have said about us


Founder, BSCstarter

RD Auditors has grown immensely, to now becoming one of the leading security companies in the blockchain industry. They focused meticulously on the smaller details during the security report, which provided our stakeholders with confidence.


Founder, Wault Finance

Their engineers are vastly experienced, which was shown in the comprehensive and thorough security report. Their approach shows It’s clear that they adhere to a high level flexible approach, adhering to the top class auditing standards.


Founder, Cue Protocol

Consistent and transparent communication has been extremely paramount when working with security experts. RD Auditors have surpassed our expectations from this perspective, in addition to high calibre of the security report.

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